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Thursday, April 17, 2014

9.0 WOT-KA Forbidden Mods Pack


Mod contains:

1. Automatic repair, fire extinguisher, med kit.
2. Indigo Mod - tundra mod (removes foliage in sniper mod), X-raz mod (let's you see target contours behind objects).
3. Server mod - remembers last selected server.
4. Gun Direction Mod for minimap.
5. White Track's - tracked vehicles get white tracks - easier to spot.
6. Laser Mod
7. Arty Scope for tanks and TD's and free camera


  1. Could not find fire extinguisher. Dont want any other mod
    1. Working on that... Sorry mate...
    2. You are working so hard i have to say :) fucking russian language :D
    3. The worst part is that I'm stuck at work (my real job). God I love my company :)))
  2. How do I get into arty scope on regular tanks likewise for sniper on arty?
    1. Oh found it, nvm
    2. Pls share...
      If someone else asks I'm useless in this case.
    3. yes please share I'm trying to figure it out. Got the laser mod working, the outline working cant get the foilage remover to work. Also Plazma dude you found anywhere that does the black and white hit skins at all? and the notify on your minimap when someone runs over a tree for 9.0? I've only found 8.11 hitskins and they crash in 9.0 :(
    4. Sorry for late reply.
      F2 to turn on the foilage mod.
      T hotkey for sniper, Y hotkey for Arty, G for Free view.

      About the tree fallen mod, the 8.11 one is still working,
      heres the link,
      Enjoy =)
    5. Oh, I forgot.
      Thanks plasma for the mod links! Couldn't have find these mods without you. =) Keep it up!
    6. sweet thanks for that!
    7. HUGE THANKS !!!
      Anything you need mate feel free to contact me, if I can find it it will be posted.
  3. This comment has been removed by the author.
    1. Still no updates for any of the mods that you need. As they get published I will post them on the blog. My best guess that the really interesting stuff will come during the weekend.
  4. Glad to see too many players confirmed they cant play without hacks
    1. WG official position:

      There are no hacks in WoT...

      Works As Intended Moment :)
  5. what about fallen trees mod update for 9.0?
    1. Still waiting for an update...
  6. the mod cause stucked turret and locked screen
    1. Any other mods installed on the client ?
    2. Having this problem too.
      Only have gamers mod pack (excluding these mods)
    3. My best guess is that some mod that you have is colliding with this one.
    4. i mean the downloaded file
    5. Its compatible with xvm right?
    6. I see no problem with XVM since none of the folders here contain a XVM folder.
  7. in witch folder should i put it ?
    1. the downloaded file
    2. Sorry for the late answer.
      Your downloaded file contains (when unpacked) several folders. Each of those contains a folder called res_mods. Just copy each res_mods to main game folder.
  8. I'm just asking, is there any way that wargaming can find you using these mods? Because I would use these, I just don't know 100% if I can be caught or not.
    1. Yes, you can be caught. Don't use them. Too little to loose too much...
  9. arty sniper scope isnt working
    1. Are you using any other mods (zoom, custom scope)?
  10. i down load the file and extract it....but i cant understand the language? where is the auto fire extinguisher and repair? does it really work?
    1. Are you using any other mods?
  11. no this is my first mods ehehehe...i try the auto repair and the fire doesn't work.
    1. The mod is tested and in working order, there must be something that is colliding with it or the installation is wrong.
    2. open the 1st folder (AR Авторемонт, автолечение, автоогнетушитель 0.9.0) then copy the scripts to the res_mods. 
    3. anyways...thanks.i want to know if you have mods that give laser on my tank? not the enemy tank?
    4. Lasers:

      Copy (unpacked) folder "scripts" to Games\World Of Tanks\res_mods\0.9.0\.
      Not just to res_mods.
    5. hi thank you!!! it works now i don't have to buy expensive items ahahahaha!!!! more power to you!!!!!!
    6. Happy hunting mate,
      visit the original site:
  12. How to instal this mode?
    1. Download the file, unpack, inside there are another 7 folders. Each folder contains a part of the mod. In each folder there is 0.9.0 just copy that to your res_mods.
  13. Plis that same for 9.1 version !!!!!
    1. Tomorrow, if found, I'm done for today...
    2. You sir... are awesome
    3. Oh thank you, thank you :)
    4. Thx 4 you if you found it
    5. Demiar mod published, still waiting for WoT-Ka...
  14. that mods works on the version 9.1 ?
    1. NO...
      It will bug the game, you will be stuck on "loading modules" screen.
      All major mod pack (the "legal" stuff) will be updated (I hope) during the weekend. Don't worry, I'll post as soon as they are available.